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The best female ever. Typically pertaining to a female who does not suck and pwns muchly.
She doesn't suck? She must be pretty Trevi!
by Skulking Icky June 21, 2008
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A really short guy that has amazing hair. He wears Vans all the time. He has braces, and he loves cats, don’t mess with him or his friend will come atchu & she ain’t afraid to. He so kind, sweet, and caring, but can be easily annyoed by his best friend. His favorite works is dink:))
Oh did you see that guy over there. Is name is Trevis and he’s so awesome!!
by littlemisschatterbox18 April 20, 2018
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Someone who typically thinks with only his small penis. Self filled and full of shit. Typically says things that are irrelevant or just straight up dumb. Always does/says something stupid. Usually isn't good at sports. Also lacks mathematical skills.
Oh man he pulled a Trevis
by Chlorine6 January 19, 2014
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Trevi is the dang funniest girl you'll ever meet. She can get any bits attention with her great sense of humor. She has no filter at all that's what makes her so entertaining to be around. You cant help but loving a trevi. She has the prettiest black hair and the most contagious smile. If you ever get lucky enough to befriend a trevi get ready for a partyyyy
Trevi shes an Asian with sass
by Coooooo December 28, 2019
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