An Incredible guy who likes to have fun. Good at sports and works really hard. He smack talks and jokes around a lot. Trevin loves to have a good time and is really funny. Trevin is the type of person that you fall in love with because he is funny
Who's that out there playing 1st base?
That's Trevin.
Dang he's is a legit athlete.
by Tdog82 May 31, 2014
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An extremely attractive person, usually male, that is quite shy and withdrawn.
See that guy, he's a Trevin.
by Sundancerfrank March 13, 2008
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Half Trevor, half Kevin. 100% Hardworking name that any working man would name their equally hard working son. Perfect for the son's of farmers etc
by Orothos December 25, 2011
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The name of someone who is cute but also funny. He can be mean sometimes but cute at the same time
Maddie:I have a HUGE crush on Trevin.
Kenzy:I think he likes you back.
by I am in love with him November 11, 2020
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a black kid who is apart of a wolf pack. he can drive, but his license isnt legal where he lives. he buys his friends movie tickets and sometimes pays for there meals. he also breaks his computer somtimes while skyping with friends and sometimes falls of his chair!
he is an awesome guy! <3 XD
by sexylady12345678910 January 16, 2011
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