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A real hood nigga . Trevaughn keeps it real with everyone. Although he has a hard shell around his heart. Very hard for you to get in. If Trevaughn says he loves you he means it. Trevaughn is all about his family. Family is everything. Trevaughn has a big heart and cares about everyone but once you break his heart you will regret it. Trevaughn also has a massive package. Trevaughn is a loyal boyfriend.
Get you a Trevaughn.
She's so lucky to have Trevaughn.
by Trevaughnsloverr April 22, 2017
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Somebody who usually brags about what their best at, and is an overachiver. They usually lie about stuff and hangs out with the wrong group of people.
He always brags about his athleticism, he is such a trevaughn...
by XxSinpersFuryxX January 05, 2017
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