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Like hella, but more with a flare and a sparkle!
Trella mustn't be used just for anything, it has to be as unique as the object or thing you are describing it to be.
Example: "Wow Tommy, your dog Max is Trella cool!"
by Shann1912 July 31, 2018
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Someone creative.
Hates people/Introverted, Yet love people and can be very Social.
Always down for sleeping.
Generally Bitchy, but has the best intentions.
Good with words.
Did I mention 'Trella's are always down to kick ass?
Trella's ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS look good and have shitty boyfriends, but her personality always covers for their douche bag selves.
She's only had one good boyfriend, in which she has now.
He Goes by Anthony.
Trella's love the Abi-Yo-Yo story narrorated by Venzas.
Trella's are very rare people and they're legit altogether.(:
They're way too fucking legit.
Hi I'm Trella, and I am a bitch.
by DrugChildDream August 17, 2011
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