There’s just something about him. His eyes make me melt. If he could only see how much of a fighter and a winner he is on the inside and let that manifest throughout. He can overcome any thing that life tries to bring him down with, he just has to believe he can.

He’s the perfect guy! Very considerate and self sacrificing. A great sense of humor but serious when needed. He is a child at heart. Can always cheer you up. Great communication if you approach him right. Very honest and not afraid to say what he thinks. Great with numbers, but not spelling. Will be your best friend when you need it even if he wants more. Amazing in bed but doesnt boast.
Trebor is my dream guy... I would give him the world and my heart if I could.
by BaesickBetch January 19, 2018
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It's called Hearthrob......
Robert just ask her
out. Quit being a shy wimp............
by heartthrob January 29, 2005
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One of the dumbest names imaginable, found by reversing the more standard name of Robert. Is often confused with Trevor. People with this name are often the result of a strange family, usually with a father or grandfather named Robert.
Alec: Oh, I'm hanging out with Trebor today!
Lyndsey: Trevor? Who's that?
Alec: No, Trebor. Robert backwards!
by Chompo73 November 4, 2019
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Robert Backwards but can also be known as "Gay"
by Tom Vaukins May 6, 2004
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The type of guy who always thinks he's better than everyone else, he will make up lies about games that he plays to look cooler to the person he is talking to, he is a fucking dick.
Fuck you Trebor!
by Really Angry Person June 18, 2019
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Actually means a supercool kid named Robert.
Wow you're one hell of a cool Trebor, Robert.
by Trebor January 25, 2005
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