The inner voice that tells you its OK if you hook up with your friend's spouse or ex-spouse.
I can't believe Rick's girl sent me a sext a couple weeks after they broke up. We tried to hook up years ago. I know it might be shady but the voice of treason is telling me there's technically nothing wrong with it.
by Underdawg215 October 20, 2010
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Moniker or nickname for Republican US Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. This is due to his failure to bring election security bills to a vote; his wife’s scandal involving $78 million in grants; his hijacking of Federal Court appointees; and previously-sanctioned Russian steel producer Rusal’s construction of a $200 million steel facility in Kentucky. The company is owned in part by Putin ally, Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.
Mitch McConnell is not acting in our best interests - that Treason Turtle is just lining his own pockets.
by Big Grinder June 28, 2019
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When You Are the Senate and some jedi tries to kill you
Windu:The Senate Will decide your fate
The Senate:I'am The Senate
Windu:Not Yet
The Senate: Its Treason Then
by Gasuxa July 27, 2020
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A car or truck decorated with Confederate, White Supremacist, NeoNazi, and/or MAGA imagery.
There is an old Ford Treason Mobile parked in my spot dripping oil, I am going to call a tow truck.
by peppy flocker July 8, 2019
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The 4th of July when American's celebrate their ancestors betrayal of their rightful King because they didn't want to pay tax to fund the Royal Navy. They also celebrate having the world's largest military for which they pay large amounts of tax.
Tom celebrated Treason day even though in his heart he wished he could just ask the British to take back the USA.
by KarlWS November 15, 2016
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Democrats trying to steal the election. Hillary leaking vital intel. Blatantly shitting upon the rights of citizens becuase theyre either white or male.
Thbe democratic party has exhibited VERY treason-ish behavior for over a decade now. Its time to oust all of them
by xaneks February 18, 2017
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A type of deformed and geriatric turtle that hates democracy, giving to the poor, and america, but is loyal to russia and putin. It is also usually loyal to the treason weasel, but has been witnessed fighting with it. It i believed to have been created from some mutated scum and piss on the floor of a random bathroom inside the kremlin. It is extremely evil and dangerous and should be killed on sight.
by ilovedemocracy January 3, 2021
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