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Trea is a beautiful girl that is normally very tall and athletic. The bad thing about her is that she talks to too many guys at once. Other than that she is a very sweet person and has a great personality but don’t get on her bad side or else she will end you.
by Abigail White May 14, 2018
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trea is a small , short and tough in her own way girl she loves dogs and loves to to run
and trea is very sassy making her get in trouble from time to time. trea has spunk and is called squirt for a nickname a lot. dont mess with trea she will end you in her own way.
girl : whos that girl
girl 2: you dont know who she is!!!!!
girl: .......trea?
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by me#why?#cause#no#yea!!!#omg January 04, 2019
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Trea is a sexy Scottish person that id love to spend all of my life with he’s so gorgeous and adorable that he makes me so excited every time he talks to me Trea is funny he makes me laugh all the time
Trea a word for a handsome and funny person
by Captain Communism11 June 01, 2018
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