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The "Trash bitch" is known widely around the world as an oral sex position. The women is squatted down, while the man is standing in front of her. As the man is ready, he will step on the woman's foot and she will open her mouth as if she was a trash can. The man will blow his load in her mouth and as he takes his foot off of hers she will close her mouth and swallow his semen.
*Blows load into mouth*
"You like being Trash Bitch don't you"
by Mr.Niggerdick May 31, 2015
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Trash Bitch is a term commonly used when referring to that one kid who takes care of all the trash at the lunch table.
Hey, Trash Bitch. You missed a tray.
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A person at a lunch table who is forced, often against their own free will, to take the trash of everyone else at that table to the cans. The trash bitch often must do this job to keep their position at the table. See also: tray bitch.
There's this kid at my friend's lunch table called Stump. He's the trash bitch cos nobody likes him.
by Cheesy13 August 13, 2005
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