speaking in code while discussing illegal activities so that outsiders have no idea what you really mean. the incriminating words are replaced with other words that people working in the black market understand as having illegal meanings. some words are widely known and others are created within small groups of people to maintain secrecy.
wrap the work with the spandex and the latex
then we ship it outta town
call it safe sex

talk trapanese on the cell phone
by eight732 February 14, 2012
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Got that chop got that stick bitch I'm trapanese
Ramen noodles on my dick when I’m clapping cheeks
Going stupid in the whip ‘cause I cannot see
Tryna bring your dog then you better bring that cutlery
Getting to the chips hunnids blue like Doraemon
Nice guy, but I spit flames like I’m Iroh
Trapanese is the littest song yet
by polikmonn April 30, 2019
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Something you can't understand but sounds skuxx as fuck
Matt: What does Trapanese sound like?
Jeff: Random shit, but it's lit
by Romeo 69 March 8, 2016
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Basically, Trapanese is a form of music, Trapanese come from Trap music, and Trap music comes from Hip-Hop, also Trapanese is just Japanese trap, easy and simple one of the best genres of music out there.
Jax: Ayo you listened to that new song by Shakakuchi?
Anses: Nah bro whats that?
Jax: Bro it's Trapanese
Anses: Dawg i just listened to it and its fire, you got some more?
Jax: Yeah listen to Lost Samurai by Caleb Belkin on Spotify.
Anses: Ight Cuh thanks
*Claps Jax up Hood style*
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A heavily modified form of English spoken solely by f boys, drug dealers and skinny white kids wearing 95s and their dads north face.
“Yo g buss me your squares and you will see 10 bags in your account in 24hrs”is a prime example of trapanese.
by Yourlocalcrackdealer4646 September 18, 2019
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A sexy lil japanese chick who has been partying hard for too long.
Dude! did you see that hot lil oriental slut? Ya,i think shes trapanese.
by Captian save a ho October 17, 2018
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