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A transsex person is someone with sex dysphoria who intends to transition to the opposite sex, to the best of their current and future ability. It does not necessarily have anything to do with "gender identity". It may have to do with simply alleviating harmful effects of sex dysphoria, such as mental distress.
Transsex is not to be confused with intersex or transgender.
Transsex individuals should have bodily autonomy, as all people should.
by Jennychen September 25, 2019
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Denoting or relating to a person with gender dysphoria who wishes to or is in the process of transitioning to the opposite sex, or has already transitioned.
Used as a substitute for transsexual to clarify that transition is unrelated to sexuality. Used by those in the trans community who find that transgender is not an accurate descriptor.
Ex. Adam was born female, but experienced distress relating to his female anatomy. He began HRT at 21 years old and is in the process of preparing for chest reconstruction surgery. Adam is a transsex man.
by Persuadonym May 04, 2018
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