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When a thing identifies as a different species then what it did at birth. Transpecies things have to have physical and social dysphoria, and must medically transition.
β€œYou know Bartholomew? He keeps pretending he’s transpecies”

β€œHe’s such a transpecies trender”
by pisskinksarehot July 20, 2021
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A Term Used By Someone Who Believes He/She was Born as the Wrong Species and Believes His/Her Tail/Wings/Antlers/Ears/Paws/Fur Etc Exist in Their Soul/Astral Body and Can Virtually Feel it But Cant Be Seen or Felt as a Human, Sometimes These People Wear Fluffy Tails, Ears and Sometimes Wings to Show Who they Really Are
Person 1: Mom I Hate to Say this But im Transpecies

Person 2: When i Was a Kid i Used to Talk in a Squeaky Voice and Wear a Collar Because im Transpecies
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by baliebox4916 July 30, 2019
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A very real but seemingly rare identity in which someone (or something) considers itself a species other than it's percieved or is genetically.
Guy: I am transpecies.
Friend: So you're a furry?
Guy: No, furries have a separate identity, I am solely a wolf
by Gamogi September 11, 2018
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