A person who changes genders when in contact with water. This phenomenon can occur at any moment and when it does, it scars everything in a 5 meter radius for life.
That guy is so Trans Atlantic
by Molestador May 16, 2017
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A Trans-Atlantic Pipeline is a sex act where multiple men line up in a standing position and stick their penis into the persons ass in front of them, then, proceed to piss and spread the "oil" down the pipeline.
"Bro, my ass is awfully dry today"

"It's ok bro, me and the boys are doing a Trans-Atlantic Pipeline tonight, you should join us"
by Canadians3h November 1, 2019
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An unusually long skinny turd with one end that disappears into the drain of the toilet while the other end is clearly visible. Often used with the verb "lay" as in "laying some Trans Atlantic Cable." Also referred to as laying "TAC" for short.
Give me a second guys. I need to go lay some Trans Atlantic Cable. I hope there's some toilet paper left.
by UnclePercy March 11, 2014
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