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cute slang from /lgbt/, meaning trans person
sup twinkhons its ya tranner here c:
by loveless Erin October 12, 2018
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Not everyone acts like a Tranner. Due to how rare the name is, Tranner's have very specific personality traits. Tranner's the kinda guy who can make alot of friends in the blink of an eye. He comes out socially during parties with his social butterfly attributes and has fun! He's usually ignorant in the sense of being able to tell if someone likes him but he's not ignorant when it come to excelling academically. He has a crazy love for sciences like quantum physics and the human body, which no one knows because of his appearance. He's hecka stylish. He has the voice of a guy in a boy band and he always goes out of his way to help everyone as much as he can. People think he's drop dead gorgeous which confuses him but he rolls with it. 98% of all friends he will ever make will be female. He's logical and again, loves music.
Did you hear Tranner in the choir?

Tranner's outfit is on point today?

Hey Tranner, what's the answer to question 5.
by BillNyeTheFry June 01, 2018
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