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Feeling entranced, as if by a spell. A positively-disoriented state of mind/being/feeling, resulting from falling in love or feeling exceptionally strong vibes between one-another.
I met this AMAZING girl, who is so down to earth, listens to EVERYTHING I have to say & replies to every thing that I say with her own, positive, loving thoughts. She’s got me feeling so trancy.
by MRYsbux June 11, 2018
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n. Any object that is used to hide something legitimatly ugly.
v. To hide or cover up
1. I need a trancy for my pudgy belly.
2. I use makeup to trancy my acne.
by TracyL March 22, 2006
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Disorder in which there is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others' feelings. People affected by it often spend a lot of time thinking about achieving power or success, or about their appearance. They often take advantage of the people around them. The behavior typically begins by early adulthood, and occurs across a variety of situations.
Trancy was left without an act once her puppet cut it's strings
by Revenge09 July 06, 2017
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