Someone who tries to hide the pain they are dealing with by reflecting it onto others. Sometimes they’ll even try to hide it within relationships but end up hurting their significant other for no reason at all. They definitely won’t admit to it either and they’ll sadly just bash the other person when they move on.
Dude don’t break up with her! You’re pulling a Timothy Tran!
by December 11, 2020
Auggie Augbee and Hec Egg-boy-official
Wow, auggie and hec really are icons of trans boy solidarity
by augbee August 22, 2017
- Wow, did you hear John and Sarah had sex yesterday?

-Yeah, they had a Micro Trans Action.
by memstealer February 13, 2021
Any form of misfunctioning. Poor performance . Being hungover , sick or any form of dissatisfaction
Awww that was a tough day I’m tranned.

I drank way to much last night I’m tranned

Is your car fixed ? No it’s still tranned
by Davethemason November 29, 2018
-A Hardworking young talented individual and is a salient friend for everyone to have. He is outstandingly loyal and has a lot of attractive features
Everyone needs a Nguyen Tran in their life.
by JIMBE (Tran) March 7, 2022
I love Alexis she’s so pretty and she’s the best person ever, she deserves the whole world!!
1-hey who’s that

Daysi-oh that’s Alexis Kim Tran she’s the best
by Alexis bsf May 30, 2022