A knock-off of cool, or something that is awesome or interesting. "Tight".
by Amalthea July 29, 2006
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Trait is a verb which makes reference to a traiter. A traiter will trait on his friends and family.
Why does Melanie always trait on us? It's just not fair!
by Yes I'm here January 19, 2018
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a term used in southern baltimore, maryland for cocaine.
jimmy got pulled over with sixteen kilos of trait in his trunk
by RaZor (of TRP) February 25, 2006
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hiv (human imunodeficiency virus) or aids (aquired imunodeficiency virus)
lorisha got the trait from workin' too much in hunts point
by lucas July 10, 2004
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A secreting copper toned pecker that only cums out in the a.m. and penny traits all pulsating caverns on sight no genitals are discriminated on
Todd and destiny went to a pimp and ho party in late Vegas and got their penny trait on after hours at a LGBTQ party they decided not to tell rich or black dog and keep it on the low
by Roobeer November 7, 2020
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Something unique that really defines you as a person.
Hating Britney spears is not a personality trait, having rhinitis is!
by gabriel.no March 7, 2019
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