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Someone who believes they are above their current social as well as their current economic conditions. They may or may not reside in a mobile home and are just as likely to be found sleeping on their friends couch. They choose to spend their hard earned money on things like cars, race cars, vacations, clothes, and salon visits instead of improving their own standard of living. They like to "put on a show" when it comes to celebrations such as bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, baptisms, birthday parties, and family reunions even when it may be their second or third such event. They take out loans and mismanage their money to finance such endeavors. They are the first to hand out advice regarding any money or relationship matter whether it is solicited or not and often are not in such a position that their advice would be welcome. They tend to have their "head in the sand" when it comes to their own relationship and money matters. They rarely can see their own circumstances clearly but are quick to offer their "two cents" on the circumstances of others. They seldom are happy for milestones reached by friends or family and instead try to outshine or rain on the parade of others. They seldom take any responsibility for their role in any conflict and instead try to defend their actions by placing blame on others. They like to be seen as the victim in every potentially negative situation and are quick to rally for support. They are constantly looking for approval from others and to be seen as "OK". They tend to be gossipers and have no boundaries as to who they are gossiping about. They often fish to see what they can gossip about next by saying they "can't believe" or "it might not be my place to say, but..." They tend to have alot of aquaintences but few true friends. Many times they are merely put up with due to the friendships and relationships of their spouse(s) and family members.
Kay always looks so put together, too bad she's really only a "Trailer Snob".
by BuffaloBaby May 30, 2009
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