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An enormous eruption of emotions caused by an extreme sexual event executed in public.
There was quite a traggle in the train station when a man deflowered himself with another's umbrella
by Mr. Impalo March 21, 2005
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Traggling/traggle- the act of leading someone on and flirting with them, possibly while in a relationship, but so when the relationship is over they have many prospects to choose from.
Traggler- the person DOING the traggling
Traggie- the person that is recieving the traggling (being lead on) or the name of the boys you traggle
we have many tragglers.
by heather alicia March 05, 2006
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Verb. To Traggle: When a person with a boyfriend or a girlriend flirts with others in order to have prospects when the relationship is over. Often with playful flirting that can sometimes be interpreted as leading someone on.
The person getting traggled is a traggie.
Heather is constantly traggling thorne.
Holly is the worlds largest traggler.
Thorne traggles all the time, and cary doesnt know. :o
by Thorne and Heather March 01, 2006
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