Generally a fun game played by tourists visiting the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. First the group goes to a coffee shop and smoke some cannabis (Green Light). Next, the group goes to a bar for a beer (Yellow Light) and finally a stop by the girls in the red light district (Red Light).
My friends and I visited Amsterdam last week and completed six rounds of the Amsterdam Traffic Light! I am now down 500 Euro!
by Senor Dank Nugs June 29, 2018
A party/dance where you wear colours to show you're availability.
Red = Taken
Yellow = Undecided
Green = Single
Guy: Hey babe, wanna dance erotically?
Girl: Cant you see that im in red?
Guy: No, im colour blind.
Girl: Why would you come to a traffic light party if you cant tell what colour people are wearing?
Guy: ..Can we fuck now?
by That guy with a Dent January 9, 2008
A flashing device fitted to a pole near passport control units in airports, land border crossings, and sea ports, which halts illegal human traffic.

Implemented by government agencies, such as the UK Home Office, as a result of national immigration policy.
The large articulated lorry, with a container full of illegal north Korean immigrant labour, was forced to wait at some human traffic lights at Dover passport control when they showed red.
by dewex January 3, 2010
this is when a girl wipes her vagina when shes pooping, peeing, and on her period.... pee = yellow, period = red, poop = green
"Oh, I just went to the bathroom and saw traffic light colors."
by AnnaBanana1444 February 26, 2008
Ever need a clear and simple way to rate women amoungst friends? When rating women, the traffic light analysis system can be used.

To use this system one compares a woman to the three colors of a traffic light, depending on their desire to engage in sexual contact with the subject woman.

A red light: if one deems a woman to be a red light he is stating that he would fuck her but do what ever he could to conceal his actions from others finding out about it.

A yellow light: if one deems a woman as a yellow light he is stating that he would fuck her, not caring who found out, but he wouldnt tell people of his actions.

A green light: if one deems a woman as a green light, he is stating that he would fuck the subject and be proud of his actions, not hesitating to tell people what he has accomplished.

A no-go: a woman you wouln't fuck under any reasonable circumstance.
The traffic light system

Andrew: yo check out that chick over their.

Mike: shes about a yellow

Andrew: interesting, id fuck her anyday, id say green.
by Niemico October 4, 2009
it's used when your s/o is just treating u like a traffic light. meaning if he was the car and u were the traffic light, he would just stop by/spend time with u for a short time or designated time, then leaves as soon as u turn green (turning green meaning u become comfy w him).
damn, after 2 weeks of talking to him, he left me like how someone sped against a red lighg and now i feel like a traffic light/🚦 tbh.
by urphhoeforonlythatoneguy September 12, 2021
Traffic lights which are timed to be green for about 3 minutes in the direction where there is no traffic and to be green for 10 seconds in the direction where traffic is tailed back for half a mile
I was well late getting to work yesterday; I ran into five different sets of Croydon traffic lights
by garry gobshite June 9, 2010