Davo put on his trackie dacks and moccies before driving down the servo to get some bread and milk.
by Brionnach September 3, 2010
Tracksuit Pants

See also Dacks and Dack

Aussie Slang
Mmmmmmm these here tracky dacks are both comfortable and unnattractive to members of the opposite sex
by Flavourful Syntax November 12, 2004
Tracksuit pants. The lower half of a tracksuit. Often worn in Australia instead of shorts, trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses, slacks, etc, because they are comfortable. Acceptable attire amongst family, friends and neighbours (everybody loves good nieghbours). A derisive term when applied to strangers.
"I don't care how muuch you paid for your jeans, only fat cunts would wear their 'tracky dacks' in public!"
by ztv October 31, 2005
Tracky dacks is the Australian slang for sweatapants. There should be a national tracky dacks day every October 18th. There is such thing as half tracky dacks as well, sport shorts.
im wearing my tracky dacks to school tomorow.
I ripped my tracky dacks in the knee!
by cuberootsbegone October 18, 2017