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Trakissa will quickly become the light of your life and as each day passed by you will begin to wonder how you never found such an amazing woman before. And though Tra'kissa may be a bit short in height, nothing may stand in her way. Tra’kissa knows how to make you laugh and smile and the simplest things that she does will make you happy. She is a truly amazing woman, someone that you will only meet once in a lifetime and no other woman will compare after being with Tra’kissa. But even in all of this it takes a truly special guy, for Tra’kissa to be able to share herself with, someone to love her and hold her. To be with her in her times of sorrow and to show her how phenomenal she really is. Tra’kissa will be the best thing to happen to you and you would have to be a fool to let this woman go. And yet, though I may provide this description of Tra’kissa one must be with her to truly comprehend the depth of this remarkable woman, from her love, to her beauty, her nature and kiss. These words barely scratch the surface of being able to describe her in a depth, to where one can understand who she truly is. Unfortunately, no man will be able to get this close to her for a long time, except for one of course.

I love you Tra’kissa and nothing will ever change that. No person or object will ever divert my affection and love and one day I will have you as mine for eternity.
Tra'kissa is the most amazing woman in the world :)
by OFB October 28, 2012
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