Touched in the head means someone who acts a little slow, behind the eight ball, not understanding common sense things. This can be a one time episode or repeated episodes.
I think Phil is touched in the head today. He doesn’t seems a little slow and behind the eight ball to what’s going today.
by Hankscolts November 22, 2022
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When your male mate rolls over in bed and pokes you with his penis head.
Paul rolled over and gave me a touch of the penis head and I said, “HELLO!!!!”
by Sweats11537 September 1, 2019
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Eric: You're drunk, go home.
Javier: JFIF, *burp* you home, go drun- *burp* im gonna touch an guitar in your head you *dies*
Eric: o ok
by aaronehhh March 11, 2016
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