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1. AJ: You playing Halo tonight?
Spider-Man: Nah.
AJ: o ok

2. Spider-Man: The Red Hot Chili Peppers kick ass!
AJ: I don't like peppers, they're too spicy.
Spider-Man: No, RHCP is a band.
AJ: o ok
by SPlDERMAN August 19, 2006
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the word uttered by the shapshifting librarian from the discworld series
ook! ook!
by Stirfry_Ninja August 02, 2003
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To check out a woman’s ass without her knowing.
“I was ooking that girl from class earlier. Man, She is a thick female!”
by Gevon6969696969 June 16, 2018
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1. A silly look you give a stranger, particularly one you pass on the freeway
2. The awkward look you give someone you know but do not want to acknowledge
1. "I ooked the man in the orange Yaris and he winked at me."
2. "I ooked my sophomore english teacher at the supermarket"
by curlyfriesFOFREE November 29, 2009
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A sound made by a monkey. Usually accompanied by "eek".
Monkey: "ook-eek"
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
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A remark after a sentence that is spoken in the hyper bole. The sentence is usually real simple and is completely ridiculous, and nobody knows what is going on. It also stems from carroll county, and is intended for sentences that include "ohey" as well as "obye".
Chris: Crutches are fun to use
Tom, Pat, Bread, DB, Bill, Joe, Tim, T, Cheese, Nick, Paul: O ok Chris
Chris: There's a coyote in my backyard
Tom Brokaw: No Chris, thats mittens riding a moped
Chris: I'm the best
by Simple Chris February 19, 2011
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