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An item that only you know of that helps you determine whether you are in the dream world or in reality. Only you should know it's characteristics, anybody else knowing would defeat the purpose.
Dom Cobb spun his top-like totem after he awoke from a deep shared dream.
by Pacc man July 17, 2016
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When several men of gay or bi-sexual orientation sit on each other during sexual intercourse; also called the vertical masterchain.
Erez, Evan, Mike and Sam enagaged in the totem position until the late hours of the night.
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handheld, homemade sign at music festivals, used for good vibes and finding your friends
loll umps waves you know the ones dirty ratchet at the clubb totem /watch?v=yRx4--Sfds4&t=4m31s
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by notmyrealhandle July 08, 2018
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