Torun is cute, Torun is beautiful, Torun is the best person you'll ever meet, Torun is the best friend you caould ever have, everything with Torun is awesome, Torun wont let you down, Torun m is just Torun. >w<
I love you Torun!
by Dicks-out-for-Harambe August 10, 2020
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A fucking bitch teacher, who is a bitch, who bitches around and think she's a boss, but she is the equivalent to a fucking toad
Pupil 1: She is such a Torun

Pupil 2: Yea, I know she bosses around and nobody likes her
by BigBrain69696969 May 18, 2020
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unbareble coolness
no I can't deal with your torun
by Coolkidz2003yeah October 9, 2017
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This is a girl that brings joy to every room. When she walks in everyone stops and want to be with her. And when she starts to talk, no one can be without laugh. She is the most funny girl, so much you wish you would have her sense of humor. She also makes great tikka masala.
Omg, she is such a Torun!
by jinglebellslover October 1, 2020
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Goddess in Norwegian, derived from Thor that wielded his hammer. A sophisticated woman that noone really knows. Probably the most beautiful person you will know in real life.
Torun eased into her First-Class seat wearing over-sized glasses and a sneer.
by Fanfeva November 24, 2021
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