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I haven't slept in 40 hours I'm feeling's super toony.

Im super toony right now, I'd fuck a dirty butt.
by Toon master September 02, 2018
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a description of the size of a woman's nipple, referring the the 2 dollar coin.
Sarah's got a nice pair of toonies
by peppy5 October 05, 2007
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(adjective, used in the fields of fine art, graphic art, CGI, animation and film) Of, like or resembling a cartoon. Usually said of a drawing, caricature or CGI image, animation or film. Including the simplification of forms, exaggeration of caricaturing, and often including bright, saturated colors. Often looking more 2-dimensional than 3D, flat, like a cartoon.
Example: "In our next CGI film, we want the overall look to be more toony, less naturalistic and realistic."

"In my sketch here, I'm deliberately exaggerating proportions to make things look more toony."

"The actor's exaggerated facial expressions and bodily movements almost give his performance a toony quality."
by david lincoln brooks October 12, 2018
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