The Coolest Kid around. A Person is given this name when they have reached the heights of 6'7 and Taller. A "Too Tall" is always the center of attention and gets looked at wherever he goes. Because of this, a "Too Tall" must always look his best so that everyone can see how fly that "Too Tall" is, He is extremely popular. "Too Tall" Excels in sports such as, Volleyball, Basketball, and Swimming. Being a "Too Tall" makes you liked by Black kids, even if you are white, however, If you are not able to Dunk, then they WILL beat you up. Too Tall- A generally all-around Bad Ass, and you are lucky if you ever get to befriend one in your life.
How Tall?!? TOO TALL!!!!!

Too Tall, Let me see that Windmill again!

T♂♂ Tall! The Deffinition of Man.
by T♂♂ Tall August 20, 2008
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When someone is just too tall to be a midget
Did you see that guy staring at me? What guy? the too tall guy. What? The one who is just too tall to be a midget.
by Stanley307 August 28, 2011
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Being far beyond the normal range of heights, over 6'4" male or over 6'0" female.
That guy is 7 feet, that's way too tall.
by 5'11"racer October 06, 2006
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that one girl in your math class that you can't get at because she's too tall.
if only i was a little taller, i could get at the too tall girl
by the nerdy guy September 24, 2017
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When a hypochondriac delusional tall person has a preconceived notion that he or she will die earlier just because of their tall stature.
Danny: Happy Birthday Bob! Why are you so blue?
Bob: Because dude I don't have much more time to live. I have Too Tall Jones Syndrome.
Danny: Wow man sorry to hear that? I thought you was healthy and shit?
Bob: I did a lot of research.. When do you ever see a tall old cat walking around?
Danny: Oh snap! You got a point there.
by Miss Penn February 04, 2010
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when he's over six-feet with a littlle 6 inch or less.
I thought he'd be way bigger than that, damn I was wrong he's just too small 2b tall.
by above average freak June 26, 2009
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