4 definitions by Lake Partiers

When a girl with a tongue ring is blowing you so vigorously it comes undone and starts dangerously swirling around your dick like debris in a twister.
"Fuck man, things were going alright, but then her tongue ring came out and turned that shit into a tongue tornado. I ended up having to go to the ER."
by Lake Partiers May 04, 2021
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A slang term for an anus due to the resemblance to the chocolate covered, peanut butter filled, girl scout cookie.
"Man, I got Taco Bell for the first time last night and it just annihilated my tagalong."
by Lake Partiers May 04, 2021
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Same concept as a motorboating (where you bury your face between a pair of boobs and vigorously shake your head from side to side) except sailboating is slower so you can take it the view.
I wanted to motorboat the girl, but her bazongas were so nice that I opted to slow down and ended up sailboating her instead.
by Lake Partiers May 04, 2021
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An easy intro phrase used by younger individuals wanting to attract older partners for one night stands while signaling an obvious desire to maintain anonymity. It works well due to its borderline childish humor, mixed with a reference to a state where anything is possible. When used by men it is frequently followed up with the phrase:

"But you can call me Dick."

There are plenty of follow-up lines that build upon the sexual innuendo including stories about being a crab fisherman, or knowing how to make waves.
Young Man: "Well hey there hot stuff."

Cougar: "Hello. Who might you be?"

Young Man: "I'm Richard from Alaska, but you can call me Dick."
by Lake Partiers May 04, 2021
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