Strongest and fearless but the most friendly nation you'll come by in the pacific. Ancient times when warriors of Tonga traveled by kalia, or canoe, with armies conquering a wide area of Polynesia, from Rotuma in the west to Niue in the east, including much of Samoa.
tonga took over samoa, niue, and the list go on. anit no pacific nation stronger.
by Paulah SEL-C Hopoi August 02, 2005
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a slang widely use by Africa's especially Ghanians to mean pussy or vagina
Tonga means pussy thus

T: The
O: Organ
N: No
G: Guy
A: Avoid

BOY :man i dey hustle oo
MAN: all becos of tonga
BOY: no all cos of money
by IamOnehood January 23, 2014
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A term in Ghanaian popular culture used to describe the vagina or may refer to act of vaginal-penile sex.

The term which had existed in the early 2000s may have originated from the Commonwealth Hall (popularly called 'Vandals') of the University of Ghana, gained nationwide popularity following an award-winning hiplife banger titled "tonga" by Joey B featuring Sarkodie.
Dude had to squander his school fees on impressing the new girl all because of tonga.
by THEPKH September 07, 2017
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Breasts, boobies, titty bongo's.
She's got a cracking pair of tongas. I'd like to nuzzle in those tongas. The word tongas originates from Manchester Metropolitan University student Bradley Thompson.
by bradley thompson October 29, 2007
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Take Longer --> combine the two together and you get 'tonga'. Basically instead of sarcastically saying to someone when they are taking ages, "take longer", you just say "tonga" in a sarcastic tone. I.e. HURRY UP
Someone is taking shitloads of time to get ready........ "Oi....... TONGA!!!!' achshav 4
by acshav 4 April 23, 2006
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