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When you love the animated character Tom way too much instead of that dumb commie Tord!
by The unknown creator August 04, 2017
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A sexual orientation based on a wild attraction to the sexy hexy Tom Kaulitz, guitarist of Tokio Hotel- a German band.

Much like being Billsexual, although there are far fewer Tomsexual males than there are Billsexual males.
Wir sind alle Tomsexual
We are all Tom sexual

Guy: Hey, so what do you say you and I go out this weekend?

Girl: Sorry, I'm Tomsexual.

Guy: What does that mean?

Girl: It means get a german accent, some baggier clothes and dreads or cornrows, learn to play the guitar, and *then* we can talk.

Guy: *_*
by Schnuffel Bunny April 18, 2010
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The state of being so in love with Thomas that one does not find other people attractive either physically or emotionally (as opposed to normal heterosexual or homosexual behaviours).

Tomsexual behaviour is often combined with an addiction to Thomas and a constant desire for his attention. The tomsexual person is termed a tomaholic.
Ordinary guy: Hey sexy.

Tomaholic: Ew. Get away from me. I'm tomsexual and you're not Tom.

Thomas: Hey sexy.

Tomaholic: Thomas! Kiss me! I love you!
by bunbury163 June 25, 2011
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