Emo Boi Poker Face.
Very Handsome.
Protect him.
Giyuu Tomioka is best boy.
by Nxreas September 29, 2019
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A baby that deserves the world and so much love guys pls he deserves so much I want to hug him and tell him I'm proud of him and I love him.
He has a duality of being cute and hot

Damn he can be a daddy too woah
"Can I introduce you to my religion?" _ 1
"what's it called?" - 2
"Giyuu Tomioka" - 1
"I'm interested" - 2
by Don't be thirsty. Drink h2hoe December 2, 2019
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a fine, hot ass kny character who can **** me till im numb and i wouldn't care.
giyu tomioka is a hot kny character.

me ; hey giyu.
giyu ; what do you want?
me ; you.
by n.nyxx December 7, 2021
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giyuu Tomioka’s wife, ong. married n all. rai is hot asf and is entitled to beating the shit out of shinobu’s ass 😍🤞🏾
lawd have merty on my soul, rai Tomioka fine as hell, I can treat ha right like giyuu 😒
by cute and hot slut <3 January 26, 2022
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Losing loved ones; depression; handsome; anxiety; pain;memes
“How are you doing?” -Shinobu
“I’m not ok, I’m Giyu Tomioka” -Kanao

“Oh, your depressed, losing loved ones, handsome, pain, memes and..anxiety?”
by whatchudoinghere November 24, 2021
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from demon slayer. Deppresed. is dating sanemi shinazagawq
Tomioka Giyuu likes sanemi <3.
by taysjsjdhjskqksbs September 24, 2021
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