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1) tom-ash -- person who has uncontrolable urges to sexor young girls, pedophile. (Noun)

2) to-mash -- to have have sex with said underage girls. (Verb)
Officer 1: "that guy is a real tomash"

Officer 2: "yeah that sicko deserves the electric chair for what he did to that girl"

Officer : :yep, he must've tomashed her for hours.. what a shame"
by teh prince May 03, 2006
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1. (noun) A half polish, half monster on known for his sick and depraved lust for preteens. His pedophiliac fixations have included such notable people as the harry potter whore, tubgirl, and bryanboy. He currently lives with his mother in an undisclosed location in the US.
Look, a thread about children. ibtomash
by ApolloFromOT June 21, 2006
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It`s belong from tork language and it means a very nearest,a close one person.Some scientist said that this is hebrew and it meens twins.Also Tomash is synonima of Thomas,Thoma,Toma,Tomassi and others.Man with this name is a little philosofic and religious attracted person?not selfish,friendly,but very unhappy
Tomash <from were name belong
by Jonathantnt January 28, 2009
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