Tomás is a kind, smart, hot and fit person. He is always there for you when you need him the most. He has a jawline that is sharp af. Tomás is shy but once you get to know him he is one of the nicest people you will know. He is always surrounded by girls but if he is attracted to you he will stare at you and some times hold your hand and put his head on your shoulder. Tomás says such nice things and compliments you all the time and all you want to do is hug him but if you did then people will think that you two are with each other. It is so easy to forgive him.
I love Tomás and I will never stop loving him.

''Tomás is one fine specimen''
''Tomás wants to meet yeh''
by Yourbabe2.0 January 19, 2019
Tomás is an amazing person, that anyone can get along with and always share a good laugh with.

He's caring and will check up on you if you've had a bad day even when he isn't feeling the best himself. A Tomas is seen to be and adorable yet handsome tanned man with a cute face and soft fluffy hair he also has hips of a god, an amazing booty, and amazing muscles but still soft and hug-able. Tomas is a sentimental and a very cheesy person pulling dad jokes, puns, dirty jokes all of them and everyone loves him for it! Tomas is a selfless person, who cares about people. If you have a Tomas in your life get along with that Guy. Tomas is a strong reliable person who will go through hell and back for the people he cares about he may suck at replying at times, take your time with him and get to know the guy.
Tomas has amazing hugs

Man what a Tomás

What?! Tomás you have a bracelet today?
A beautiful, smart, hot, sexy, strong human being. If your name is Tomás you are a fucking god.
Tomás is a fucking god.
by A fucking diva June 14, 2021
A really good person who has the tendency to fuck up dumb situations. He has a heart of gold but is an idiot at the same time. Either way, if you get close to a Tomás, you are extremely lucky to have him in your life. He's pretty unforgettable. He makes you laugh till you cry, makes fun of you in the best way, and makes you feel like he actually cares about you. He's attractive and has a nice jawline. Make sure to not lose this guy if you're friends with him.
Did you see that guy?

Oh yeah Tomás is a sweetheart.
by 0822 August 29, 2019
A Tomás is a headstrong young man, originating from a Spanish speaking country occasionally mistaken for Mexico. He generally holds one or more black belts, and is applauded for his tendency to present multiple sides of himself to various friend groups. He is never seen without a rubik's cube and reads Anime, even though he's Latino. He never permits himself to be wrong and is literally good at everything except being normal. He has a very wide taste in music and video games, which he spends a considerably large amount of time playing. He also claims to have never been kissed, although there is evidence that shows otherwise, leaving his friends skeptical. He has a passionate love for ice cream, polygamy and writing insignificant essays, which critics speculate take the place of his love life. Many believe that he may actually be asexual as a result. He is a very competitive person and drives all of his friends up the wall. He also cries in a high pitched voice when he doesn't get what he wants. Nonetheless, he's still a cool kid.
"look at that guy doing one-handed pushups. he's such a tomás"

"that guy poked me all day long and now i have bruises. what a tomás thing to do."

"just be a tomás and get a perfect score on your essay."

"wow a yo yo trick that exhibits the string theory. that is such a tomás like thing to show.
by caress189 July 20, 2009
Tomás is a boy, who is usually of Irish origin. He is kind-hearted person, but when it comes to girls, he could do with a bit of a nudge, but once he gets going, there's no stopping him. He's a heart-breaker and his flirty personality is enough to make his girlfriend explode. It doesn't matter though, because even with girls swooning over him, he will always make sure his girlfriend it happy. He will call her at any hour of the day and isn't afraid of the words "I love you". He's generous and loves to read and although many would say he's not intelligent he is. <3 He's a very lovable person. He's the person to talk to when you're down and he's amazing at listening and cheering people up. A friend for life. You'd forgive him for anything.

He's all-round an awesome person.
Guy 1: Tomás is awesome!

Guy 2: I know right? I wish I could get girls the way he does! It's not fair.
by ThatGirl711 October 10, 2011
Tomás is the love of my life
He have low self esteem but he is so cute and hot, he have no idea.

He is the sweetest person you can met

He is such an incredible person, and he makes u feel happy
He makes u comfortable and let you hug him
Tomas as deep thoughts

He loves his girl more than anything, and he would make everything for her
They talk a lot about the future

He is such a sweetie
Tomás is incredible
by hessa467346 April 3, 2020