When you start giving yourself a handjob (white washin') and then trick a bitch into finishing the job...
The Tom Sawyer, is when you text a girl to come over and you start masturbating before she comes, you talk her into finsihing you off and cuming.
by DCadvantages March 20, 2008
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An act whereby multiple men ejaculate on a woman simultaneously, as in bukkake or gang-bang porn. To "whitewash" someone with the help of friends.
"The Duke LaCrosse team was accused of "Tom Sawyering" a number of co-eds."
by DiabeticD September 05, 2009
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A drink that mixes lemon-lime Hawaiian Punch and Vodka.

aka: delicious
Guy #1: "Dude, what is that?"

Guy #2: "It's a Tom Sawyer. You want some?"

Guy #1: "Hell yeah I do."

(tastes drink)

Guy #1: "Shit's strong man"

Guy #2: "Real strong"
by goldenhurricane425 October 05, 2010
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(verb)-To cover with a perfuse amount of semen, Spunk, Jiz, Jism, Manfat,ejaculate, seminal fluid, semen, seeded player, seed, source, germ, come, cum, nut, jello shots, love paste, etc.
Last night I was with my girl talking in bed for three hours, listening to her problems. All I wanted to do was Tom Sawyer on her face.

MMmm I'd Tom Sawyer all over those tits.
by 561poetry April 04, 2009
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Right before a man reaches his climax he then rubs it on a females leg, Cumming while doing so, rubbing the semen into her thigh like white paint on a fence.
"Dude, I just tom sawyer'd the shit out of this girl."
"You can definitly tell I painted her fence white."
"My dick is a paint brush!"
"Painted that bitch like the sistine chapel."
by MegaDongPeak August 19, 2014
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1. a censored store shelf novel called masterpiece by publisher's societies of america, there with arthur p. jacobs and readers digest among, with united artists a name, which features that a region post crucible in which abusers, rapists and churchist pedophiles reigned and no justice existed even for children in literature well known to be killers of monsters, despite the existence of the Evers in literature prior dateing.
2. the name for the unverified myth of the actor who played Huck in the child abuse prevalent, heroeless version by Mark Twain? of the film Tom Sawyer aforementioned synapsis 1. Who was credited by publishers soceities to be called Jeff East who apparently appeared in the next show Huckeberry Finn as a different actor, said to look exactly as Anton Yelchin a modern actor, while the prior Tom Sawyer was said to appear to be the son of modern young American Actor Elijah Wood.
3. In novels and books passed about by hand, this was not a motherless child but one such kid called a 'baby' who spent years or months became a toddler, after being rescued from churchain grabbers and taken down the missisippi by Huckleberry Finn a family friend.

4. In literature said to be the father of Tristan Ever, ie Tuck Everlasting's dad with Becky the baby's mom, Tom Sawyer's cousin of their secret sometimes, family ties.
Ain't never was there a kid about a robber story we had, any how? Well more about you could know Tom Sawyer weren't treated like Will Hunting for being an abused child, but that rang a fake tale wonder if'n hatch was a real one, and ain't an age Huck didn't kill you All for thinking you had slaves?
by Setsuko Kaguya December 24, 2018
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