A really long amount of time.

From: The movies based on J. R. R. Tolkien's books are like 3 hours long.
Simon: Can you explain why you think Fortnite is bad?

Jeff: No, if I had to explain everything wrong with Fortnite, it would take me a Tolkien movie.

Tina: The seminar was interesting but it took a Tolkien movie.
by EtAl. December 1, 2021
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something so cool that its like J.r.r. tolkien squared as in TO THE SECOND POWER. it all started when one of my friends was describing a thing in D&D, and i misinterpreted it. Soon ideas about a book to come sprung to my mind, thinking people would describe it tolkien squared, we prayed for such a thing and continued our pre-campaign chat
"man that book is no kidding tolkien squared!"
by Cryonaka October 19, 2014
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Smoking weed while wearing Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Merch or while Cosplaying as a LoTR/Hobbit character.
Guy #1: "Dude, all I want to do right now is Tolkien Up."
Guy #2: "Same."
by AreYouReallyReadingThis April 16, 2016
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A title that some people use to describe certain a certain American fantasy author who has just the amount of talent and influence as J. R. R. Tolkien.
Some people consider A Song of Ice and Fire author George R. R. Martin the American Tolkien. Some may also give that title to The Wheel of Time author Robert Jordan too. But of course, this is all entirely subjective.
by CelticEagle February 10, 2019
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