A Tokyo Sandblaster is a scatological activity developed by Conan O'Brien for the Conan Show. It is defined as when one person has diarrhea, they place their ass close to their partner's face while firmly pressing their butt cheeks together. They then release their bowels, effectively blasting their partner in the face with a high pressure stream of shit, forcing them to squint and as a result creating the appearance of Asian features.
1. After Conan O'Brien's new show "Conan" Tokyo Sandblasted the shit out of the Tonight Show's ratings, he couldn't help but notice the shit running down his partners face bore a striking resemblance to the comedic stylings of Jay Leno.

2. Jay Leno enjoys Tokyo Sandblasters.

3. Conan is the shit, Jay Leno is a piece of shit.
by Hugh Jweener November 10, 2010
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Noun -- Failed Cleveland Steamer in which rectal pressure turns out to be a shart instead of an actual bowel movement. This results in the receiver being peppered by fecal flecks as opposed to the expected full-blown turd.
My one night stand was begging for the Cleveland Steamer. Surprised, I decided to give it a try. I turned around and pushed... As it turns out, it was mostly gas and instead of the Cleveland Steamer, she got the Tokyo Sandblaster. Result? She liked it better! Guess who's not getting called back?
by rugby_101 November 12, 2010
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A sexual act where a Japanese women with extremely chapped lips, often a prostitute but not always, gives a man an extremely harsh blowjob. Can be broadened to apply to any Asian female in need of lip balm.
Man! Mai really gave me the Tokyo Sandblaster last night! Where's the Burt's Bees when you need it?
by FreakOutAdams November 10, 2010
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The Tokyo Sandblaster is a scatological activity. When one person has diarrhea, they get close to their partner's face. Letting it rip effectively blasts the partner and causes them to squint, appearing to have Asian features.
John really got turned off by the taste of the poo that trickled in his mouth from Jane giving him a Tokyo Sandblaster.
by billyboy11 November 10, 2010
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an ambiguous, but certainly very, very dirty sex act, that cannot be described, performed, viewed, and/or otherwise censored, yet elicits the same kind of junior high response of other more obvious, more commonly known, certainly very, very dirty sex acts.

Origin: Conan 11/09/10. TBS.
Joe: I walked in the kitchen and they were doing the Tokyo Sandblaster.

Bill: What's a Tokyo Sandblaster?

Joe: certainly it is a very, very dirty sex act of which we are not aware, but amused in a way I haven't felt since....since.....junior high!
by evilmaster69 November 10, 2010
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a term used on the November 9, 2010 show, Conan. It is a reference to a sexual act. Conan O'Brien was asking the TBS censor assigned to his show if certain terms were appropriate, one in was "Tokyo Sandblaster"

There is a lot of speculation to what the term refers to exactly, but it's likely to deal with an Asian person (stemming from Tokyo) and sandblaster indicates the use of sand in a sexual manner.
Have you ever tried the old Tokyo Sandblaster?
by udx01z November 10, 2010
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Mentioned recently on 'Conan' by host Conan O'Brian when talking to the tbs Standards and Practices Guy.
It was a tradition that started in a small fishing area in Tokyo, Japan 1590. The tradition started when a fishermen Tokugawa Mochitomo came home from being out at sea for days. Having not washed himself for periods up to 6 days he would have a build up of cheese under his foreskin. Tokugawa use to once on shore wet his penis and dip it in the sand, masturbate. This with the sand had an exfoliating effect known in Tokyo as 'Sandblasting'.
One day Tokugawa was preparing to sandblast himself (sand applied) as he'd just returned from sea but then his wife Izanagi came running down to the water front happy to see him. They chatted and one thing lead to another and they were about to fornicate on the beach. They both enjoyed anal sex regularly and Tokugawa started to insert his penis into Izanagi. About three strokes in Tokugawa realised he still had sand on his penis but it was too late and Izanagi didn't seem to mind but then Izanagi farted. This blew all the sand from Tokugawa Penis. Mr Mochitomo to his surprise said' Only in Tokyo' and this is where the term 'Tokyo Sandblaster' came from.
Judy, I need a Tokyo Sandblaster to freshen up. I was at a music festival for the last 3 days and I've got some build up.
by T-Bagging Billy November 11, 2010
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