Toki Wartooth is the rythm Guitarist for DethKlok, a melodic death metal band. He from a small abandoned town somewhere near Lillehammer, Norway, and speaks with an accent. He mispluralizes words when he speaks, and is very naive when it comes to sexual innuendos. Toki is known for his childlike ways, causing him to be favored by children, however, he has a strong disliking for children. Toki is arguably the youngest member of DethKlok, and is often treated as such. Toki, although usually the most innocent band member, sometimes has a fit of over-brutality, which takes the rest of the members by surprise.
Toki claims to be okay without having a creative voice in a band, however seems to be jealous of Skwisgaar Skwigelf, lead guitarist. The two guitarists seem to be friends as well as rivals, however Toki admits to hating Skwisgaar and seems to have no problem when Skwisgaar quits the band. Toki serves as one of the main characters in Metalocalypse.
Toki Wartooth, not a bumble bee.

"Why is everythings so hards for Toki?" -Toki Wartooth
by HumanityIsMonstrosity January 14, 2010
The Rythm guitarist for the band Dethklok, He is the 2nd fastest guitarist alive (next to skwisgaar skwigelf whon is 1st and the lead guitars for Dethklok) and is not a bumble bee. He was abandoned as a child in a village in Norway neer Lillehammer. His Interests include Gibson Flying V guitars, building model airplanes, clowns, candy, playing Dance Dance Revolution, making macaroni art, surfing the internet, pickled herring sandwiches, mosh pits, vibrating codpieces, safety briefings, giving himself "a really cool blowjob" (actually a nosebleed), kissing beautiful goils, Nihilism, Orthos the Tooth-Collector and actual sausage festivals.
by 3fidy December 30, 2008
The second fast guitarist in the world. Also the rhythm guitarist for Dethklok, the band from the show Metalocalypse. Toki is norwegian and speaks with a very noticable accent. His english is somewhat understandable seeing as how he adds "s" onto words where it does not belong. Toki is seen as the "cutesy" figure of the metal band and has an obesseion with candy and his "deddybear".
Pickles: Toki doesnt do anything!
Nathan: Hey, he makes sandwhiches alright?
Murderface: I make sandwhiches.

"Toki Wartooth, not a bumblebee"
by Keisha Explosion January 6, 2008