A small city in Norway. Blessed with the Olympic Winter Games in 1994. Known for it's culture festivals and arrangements.
"Yet another festival in Lillehammer"
by Truls October 10, 2006
Being drunk enough to slur your words.
"Babe, I'm not drunk, i'm jus a lillehammered!"
by fedup June 24, 2003
boring in winter time 2006 (jan-march)
ohh, here is nothing to do, what to do in Lillehammer? hmm...
by Leif Pål Hammer March 31, 2006
Is a City in Norway, it Has lots of history, hosting Both the Birkebeinerne and the 1994 Winter olympics. its a very cold town in the winter, famous people from lillehammer and the area around are Atle Antonsen, Sigrid Undset and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsson
Lillehammer had the Best winter olympics ever!!!!
by Sebastinthetrestin December 17, 2019