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The one dude, usually from high school or college, that every girl has and will always have a hard time getting over. Girls usually compare all other guys to their "token dude".
"Emily, why do you still snapchat Chris?!"
"I can't stop, he's my token dude."
by frapqueen June 27, 2017
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A boy, often a toxic ex, who a girl knows is no good for her but will spend the rest of her days dreaming of, projecting unrequited feelings onto, and comparing new potential partners to him. Often a cause of oneitis.
Stacy doesn't want to go to the mall because it reminds her of the one date she went on with her token dude.
by SnorkelDork July 01, 2017
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A guy who has a girls attention for a long time, feelings toward him always overpower any other crush, even when the girl is aware of him being unavailable or not interested.
Lucy, you have a boyfriend, why are you still thinking about Alex?!?
I just cant help it, he is my token dude..
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by bestpussyever July 05, 2018
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