A character from My Hero Academia that likes to stab people and succ their blood
“Toga Himiko no! Don’t stab me!”
by Anonononomomonk July 23, 2019
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Toga himiko is a charicter from my hero academia, quirk is:tranform, to use it she must gain victims blood, then depending on how much she takes, she is able to take their form for multiple hours, while in her transformation her clothes get layered over her own, so she prefers to undress before. She is a possibly pan or Omnisextual charicter who due to her quirk, is attracted to anyone hurt, or bleeding. She currently is obsessed over deku and uraraka, and had a strong bond with twice, she is in a group of antagonists called the lov of league of villains, leader Tomura shigiraki.
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Toga himiko is a character in the anime My hero academy (Mha). She is a villian who has a crush on Izuku midoriya (hero name Deku). She has a cute obsession with blood and her quirk is transformation: By ingesting someones blood she can transform into that person for some time.
"Who's Toga himiko?" .
"My waifu".
by MyWaifu:3 September 28, 2020
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toga himiko is the best girl of my hero acedemia who kills ppl with syringes and drinks their blood.
she is amazing, beautiful, and if you dont think she is, get in the bin.
first person: hey do you know who toga himiko is?
me: the homicidal teenage bisexual from my hero acedemia
by catherineeerjwehdcuyew November 30, 2021
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“Himiko Toga is best girl. You can’t convince me otherwise.”
by It’s fucking pink, bitch August 15, 2018
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Toga is a lovable bisexual psychopath from the anime My Hero Academia. She aspires to become whoever she falls in love with.

Quirk: She can transform in to anyone she consumes the blood of.
Friend: Hey, have you ever heard of Himiko Toga?
Other friend: Yeah! That one psychopath from My Hero Academia?
Friend: Yup, that's her!
by Chopytuspie101 November 24, 2020
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Very good at using knifes ( will stab you if needed to ) kinda hot and cracked at the knife game
My friend here himiko toga 🥵she is already taken 🥵 and she’s cracked at the knife game my guy.
by Blip_Bloop January 12, 2021
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