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A power in the anime and manga series my hero academia
The mans power transferal and power storage quirks combined granting him immense strength that could be passed on
by Deku Headbang March 18, 2018
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1. Peculiar behavior; startling twist; strange habit.
2. A strange or unusual feature of a person's behaviour etc.
2. "Every man had his own quirks and twists" (Harriet Beecher Stowe).

My auntie was a very cautious character, she even looked both ways before crossing her legs.
by rdario43 May 17, 2011
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(Adj.)- A characteristic that makes one special. Someone with a lot of quirks might be considered fucked up.
My favorite quirk about him is that he has to sleep the furthest away from the door.
by Lizzy November 23, 2003
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someone special/different . sometimes fucked.
#1: oi look at paris hilton over there! should we say hi?

#2: nah shes a ryt quirk
by superman747 April 24, 2010
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Special abilities that developed through evolution. 8/10 people will develop a quirk by age four or five. Unless it is a mutant type quirk which appear at birth. Many people use their quirks to become heroes.
"Momo Yoayorozu! Her quirk, Creation! She can create any non-living thing with the fat cells in her body"
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by A Ricey Boy June 08, 2018
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To rat out your friends. A narc or backstabber. Someone who you trust that dicks you over.
You quirked us all over by telling the cops.
Way to quirk over your friends by telling your parents.
by Sandie Jenkins October 10, 2005
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