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Toe Sucking is formed by having a Foot Fetish usually by males but females also. It is where the person sucks on someones toes and tickles it with their tongue the big toe is usually the one in wich this act takes place but also some go all the way licking and sucking all five toes, for women always on the receiving end masturbate while their toes are sucked, giving them more sexual pleasure.
This girl i know came to my house we both knew why we where there i was expecting some ordinary sex but she had something different in mind,it was a hot night about 28 degreese and she took off her heels and slowly placed her feet in my mouth, i sucked them and licked her soles as she moaned and squeezed her niples. - This is were i found out how goot Toe Sucking is.
by Lord Solo October 07, 2006
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Toe sucking or sucking toes is an art that is used when a man wishes to have sexual outercourse. by sucking on the toe's of an female leading into sexual pleasurement and the non-stop desire for more. this activity is usually done by having a male use the tongue to massage/tickle the toe's of the female. this activity may also lead too amyloidosis, sarcoidosis, hypothyroidism, Kawasaki disease, mallet toe,curly toe, hammer toe, claw toe and Tongue/toe swelling.
Damn man I swear the only reason why I failed no nut November was because of my addiction to toe sucking. from the moment I saw her toes I just had to suck them, but I ended up getting carried away with it.
by Eze zap August 19, 2019
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Immediate relief for some people. It can be used to calm your peers.
If anyone says the word "worm" I'll Do some toe sucking for immediate relief!
by Ankle angel October 02, 2017
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"Toe sucking" or sucking toes is a slang or code word for performing male oral sex or sucking dick. It is used when a person wishes to convey an interest in giving blow jobs but is in a setting where they either cannot say it directly or would prefer to say it in a subtle or alternative way. The phrase is sometimes used as a way to bypass censorship or word/dialogue restrictions. This new use of the phrase seems to have started late 2016 in the United States and has greatly increased in use over the fall and winter of 2017 online.
"If my boyfriends good then maybe later tonight we'll see about sucking some toes"

"Some girls think its gross but if you don't suck your mans toe you're gonna lose him"
"Everything seemed fine with this chick I was dating but when I got back to her place and saw her toe I had to get out of there"

"When I get out of work tonight I'm gonna go home and get into some toe sucking"
by dt0x December 11, 2017
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