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the idea was invented by a mango and a shrek doing a compromise role play during health class to teach their fellow peers how to stay safe from diseases. Usually involves two sets of feet, where partners face heads on opposite side and in sucking motion suck each others toes. Make sure ur toes are clean before u proceed anything to prevent from getting sick. better safe than sorry. Disclaimer: make sure to wear protection so you don't end up growing an extra unwanted toe there is no such thing as toe abortion :(
69 toe sucking- suck each others toes
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by shrekmango November 11, 2018
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When the guy doesn't have a condom and you don't wanna have sex so you do the next best thing to save the world by controlling the world population.
Last night he called me to Netflix and Chill but we ended up doing 69 toe sucking.
by daddynaf November 11, 2018
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