That bitch last night was down to suck my dick to the fullest.

Person 1: Are you down to rob this bank with me?

Person 2: To the fullest homie!
by nish mo December 24, 2008
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a ishowspeed discord mod who owns slaves, and practically packs. fullest is also friends with b0r3d and zodiac, he claims elijxhhh cheated on him.
fullest smd suck my dick u ni***** bitch hard r
by dispeal February 28, 2023
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An essentially meaningless phrase that is only uttered by the most amazingly boring and uncreative people on the planet. A perennial favorite of high school seniors writing in yearbooks and desperate people filling out forms for online dating sites.
OMG, senior year was such a blast! Let's stay BFF's and live life to the fullest!
by jiangyingzi September 18, 2007
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