To rape someone rapidly.
Like in gangsta lives, the used to reap others...
by geezhot March 28, 2012
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The taker of souls and life.
Joe: The reaps came for my uncle yesterday.

Stan: im sorry bro
Joe: nah its ok he was a fag
by DOPE POPE April 5, 2017
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To take something from someone or to benefit from a situation.
I'm bout to go meet up with this girl I just booked; REAP!
by Kent Rd. May 13, 2006
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An interjectional phrase that means "deal with it".
"My boys just scored! Reap it!"

Red Fan: "Oh, man, they just scored a try!
Blue Fan: "Reap it!"
by eyedfy April 11, 2008
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Very Powerful Figure in Todays society, Respected by millions, Praised by many more. A Master of all Skills Known to Man, and a funny guy :)
I wish i was as good as Reaps
by Johnny July 23, 2003
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To mock, flame, or insult with the intention of making oneself look better than another, or with the intention of benefiting from the situation.
You and your friends use hacks as well and then reap on other people for doing it, it's just retarded.
by Previsible September 30, 2006
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One who occasionally or repeatedly acts in a manner that goes against the groups interpretation of acceptable behaviour. Often the said behaviour is (but no limited to) awkward, embarrassing, weird, strange, cringe, disturbing or disappointing.

Generally a reap causes peers severe discomfort or distress as a result of extreme second hand embarrassment and shamefulness. Although this is a uncontrollable and chronic disease, some reaps are aware of their appalling behaviour and utilise it for comedic reasons. However in some severe causes, reaps are unaware of their condition and suffer obliviously. Although there is no cure, bullying is the primary modern treatment and punishment for reaps.
Mike: “Fuck that cunt is a reap

Bruce: “Hard bro what the fuck is he doing”

Mike: “Fuck bro watching that cunt makes me want to harm myself”
by Reaplord69 October 8, 2022
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