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To peach is used when you favor someone or something

used as “to peach onto” or “to peach”
I used to peach on Michael so much, now he’s gone.
by sxddd July 03, 2018
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to peach is something all edgy girls use, super rare! - if you got a girl who uses “to peach” keep her. She’s been through a lot and will mean the world to you, she quite mysterious, sometimes has hazel eyes and uses way too much hair dye and into some crappy pop punk.. but trust me, she’s a keeper.
I want to peach onto her, but she’s not into me.
by sxddd July 05, 2018
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To peach means to be in much favor of something or someone.
Oh my god, I peach Dylan. He is worth it to peach.
by Dyen24 March 29, 2014
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