The neologism refers to using the AirPod unit, world's first smart napping pod, placed at elite locations worldwide.

Basic advantages of the AirPod unit:
- take a nap,
- revitalize,
- privacy in public places,
- using the web,
- entertainment.
I decided to airpod, everytime my flight is delayed.
by AirPod December 06, 2018
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An expensive apple item you have put in your ears to be immune to broke people.
Person 1 : Hey Austin, you know where I can get some apple earbuds?

*Has AirPods in* Austin : Sorry, What was that? I don’t speak broke *Shrug*
by lmaosure December 28, 2018
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Apple makes these earbuds without wires for people who can't afford the wire.
Girl: Did you see Devin's airpods, that's so hot.

Boy: That's not hot, he can't afford the wire.
by can.i.please.get.a.waffle February 11, 2019
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AirPods are a symbol of dominance.
AirPods show everyone that you do not speak the language of broke.
Even though Bill Gates is a billionaire he is still broke since he doesn’t own a pair of AirPods.
AirPod User: What did you say? I don’t speak BROKE!
by TheThickning February 14, 2019
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not for peasents
Dave: hey john how can I look rich but still be poor as fuck.

John : easy buy some airpods DUHHH
by BIGTUNNA January 17, 2019
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