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Statement meaning you disagree with someone but respect their oppinion.
1. Thats a nice tuner.
2. I prefer muscle cars, but to each his own.
by StillDrinking August 24, 2016
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Statement said when someone does not agree with your opinion. Meaning that even though they don't like it you do.
1: Look at that car there it's rockin!
2: No it's not.
1: Well, to each his own.
by Cactus September 04, 2004
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A corruption of the saying, "To each, his zone."

Simply referring to the fact that people need their personal space.
For example, my friend and I are listening to some guy just blabber on and on about his own little world. We look at each other puzzled and I say, "Well, to each his zone." Simply due to sounding the same, this has been altered by some to "To each his own".

Similar to the idea of someone's "own little world". I could just as easily say, "Man, he just lives in his own little world." It would have the same meaning.
by ShinjiLa July 02, 2007
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