Don't disrespect me.
Guy: Wanna get out of here?
Girl: Boy, don't try me.
Guy: What do you mean?
Girl: Do I look like a hoe to you?
by dareelists September 22, 2013
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A phrase, believed to have originated from the urban innards of society, that is uttered as a reminder to the offender that they will get read for filth or experience total annihilation when they try you. A stark reminder that you're better off trying Jesus, "but don't try my patience!"
Offender: "damn. You's a straight bitch! How you gonna leave an empty ass box of frosted flakes in the cabinet"

Me: "no job having ass complaining about not having any cereal! Get your broke ass up and go get a job so you can buy your punk ass cereal! Don't try me. Try Jesus!"
by GG Allin August 29, 2021
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