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Tjommi is the most common Norwegian word for buddy or pal. It’s the only cool way of referring to your friends in Norwegian. Thou you might use “broder” which means “brother”, but that might make you sound gangster. So use tjommi instead.
Hei tjommi.
Er han din tjommi?
Noen som vill være tjommien min?
Jeg er min egen tjommi.
by dDoffen January 10, 2012
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a wanker, asshole, idiot..a synonym to jerk basically

however, most commonly used to describe the male, rock 'n roll-loving skinheads in the northern parts of norway.
dude, you're such a tjommi! (Eg. the expected response for any non-logical, non-thought through act or idea)
by thats right! June 24, 2009
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